Update Corona - 23 March 2020

Spomed is open. We follow the official policy of the RIVM and KNGF. 

If you have a fever and cough, please contact us.

Maximum of 1 supervisor per patient.


Dear patient,


We, the partners of Spomed, would like to inform you on how we deal with the present unusual situation. As our valued patient you trust us at Spomed to give you safe and reliable treatments according to the most recent insights. At the moment the world is confronted with a unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona virus), and we realize more than ever how important it is to be your trusted contact for your recovery.


We understand fully that you may hesitate to visit our practice and that you are reluctant to request our expertise.


We assure you that Spomed has taken all necessary precautions to safeguard your health.


We follow all advice from the KNGF (Royal Dutch Association for Fysiotherapy) and the RIVM (Government Institute for Public Health and Environment) strictly.


The KNGF acts on the advice of the RIVM and the Council Health Service because they are the experts on the situation in The Netherlands. In the present situation it is important that all organizations, including health services, all comply with the same policy.


We ensure that we work closely with the experts of the KNGF and RIVM on a daily basis. We are on top of all news and developments and base our actions on facts only.


Strict hygiene:

We carefully clean and disinfect our equipment, rooms and other materials according to the strictest standards. Our strong focus on hygiene is applied in our complete organization.


Other measures:

  • We ask patients with a fever in combination with coughing to contact us so that we can consider solutions for distant digital treatment, outside our practice. 
  • Maximum of one supervisor per patiënt.
  • We will spread the visits of our patients, so a minimum number of people will be present at the same time.

In our 28-year history we have faced many challenges. By putting our patients first in all or activities, we have always come out stronger. With that approach in mind we are convinced that we will conquer this challenge as well. You can count on us!


Best regards,
Arjen Frudiger

Martin Baan

Joris Buijtendijk


Maatschap Spomed